so we made our very last show on Saturday in Karlsruhe at the Halle 14. It was emotional and funny, we had an amazing time ! Thank you everyone for coming out, Gun mob, Planks, Gorgonoisid, Slump and Static me for sharing this with us. Thank you everyone who supported us through those years, all the people involved who made so much great things possible for us, we don't have the words to describe how much we love you. This band will always have an enormous place in our hearts and we'll never forget the marvelous moments we had together.
We are still good friends and some of us continue to create hit machines, you'll know about all that pretty soon.

With kind regards and deep love, Post War Depression salutes you from its grave.

We were Lea, Hannes, Hendrik, Vroni, Chris, Simon, Stefan and Jenny.



We're about to begin the recording of your upcoming album. We do it at our rehearsal space with the almighty Hub. If you want to help us out as a label please contact us. Keep posted.